1st Beverley (St. Nicholas) Scouts

Code of Conduct

On the 13th May 2010, the Scouts had discussions in their patrols to come up with a list of rules they should follow. We then discussed them as a whole group and came out with the following list:

  • Make everyone feel welcome
  • Arrive on time and be loyal
  • Appear neat and tidy
  • No bullying
  • Shows respect for other Scouts, leaders and self
  • Don't winge and do what you are asked
  • Listen to leaders, patrol leaders and other Scouts when they are talking
  • Don't damage Scout stuff
  • Be prepared
  • Do not use foul language
  • Have fun, but know your limits
  • Try your best at everything
  • Respect the environment
  • Be trusted
  • Respect God and the Queen
  • Make an effort to broaden your horizons
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Keep the Scout promise and laws