1st Beverley (St. Nicholas) Scouts


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On the basis of information from Harry Courts in 1963 it was thought that 1st Beverley Troop was formed very early and certainly before the First World War (probably around 1910). The first official record was registration with the Hull L.A. in 1919 and transfer to the Beverley L.A. in August 1923. There is a Troop register when the earliest record of a boy being 'sworn in' is Edward Crawford on 7th June 1915 and a John Dennis (d of b 14.11.11) 'sworn in' on 18th March 1924! Around this period the record shows James Campeyas Scoutmaster and Edward Crawford and Percival Fairbanks as Assistant Scoutmasters; the Headquarters were Swabey's Yard, Walkergate, Beverley; Crawford left in September 1926 after serving three years.

My first contact with Scouts was with 7th Beverley Scout Troop in about 1940/41 -at that time all the Leaders would be involved in the war and the only adult Leader was John Greatorex who was blind. In 1942/3 the Scouts had problems with the schoolroom caretaker and this led to trouble with the parson - Rev H.W.Abba. Following the involvement of the then District Commissioner -R.B.F.Muir -those in membership of the 7th Beverley Troop were transferred to the 1st Beverley Troop who met in the Hull Road Headquarters under the leadership of John Dennis with Jack Marson as G.S.L. After the end of the war (probably early 1946) Frank Bielby returned to take over as Scout Leader and John Dennis with George Nelson launched a Scout Group at the Wesley Chapel. After National Service (about 1949) K.L. returned to help with the Troop. Shortly after this Frank Bielby left the area and K.L. with initially Ken Hennan and others ran the Troop which continued to meet in the Hull Road premises until probably 1954 when the building became unsafe and the Local Association sold the building and land for the erection of Police Houses. At that time the 4th Beverley (Minster) Troop had very few Scouts (probably.3 or 4) but a reasonable Cub Pack under the leadership of Peggy Hodgson and the 1st and 4th amalgamated with K.L. as Scout Leader and G.S.L. and Clive Turgoose as Assistant Leader. In later years Dick Elvidge, Tony Hunter, Ted Skelton and? Speak and others were involved in leadership roles. The 1st Beverley (Minster) Scouts met in former school premises almost opposite the Flemingate Chapel, but the premises began to deteriorate rapidly and the Sponsoring Authority (Vicar of Beverley Minster) was unable to locate any funds to finance repairs.

In the summer of 1963, or thereabouts, Peggy Roberts (nee Hodgson) was pregnant, and there was no ready replacement as Cub Leader so there were two problems (premises and leadership) and these co-incided with an approach by the Vicar of St. Nicholas Church (Rev. James Bruce-Hannah) to K.L. to ask if he would consider establishing a Scout Group at his Church. In these circumstances K.L. said if the Church could find a Cub Leader a transfer from Minster to St. Nicholas of an existing Group could possibly be arranged. Gill Broadley, who ran the Church Brownie Pack, was offered and the transfer was arranged, probably in late 1963. George Nelson agreed to help as Scout Master and Clive Turgoose as Assistant Scoutmaster and Gill Broadley was appointed as Cub Leader. This arrangement continued until Harry Oglesby came on the market when George Nelson fell by the wayside and so far as the Scouts are concerned the rest is history. So far as the Cub Pack is concerned Gill Broadley served for a few years, but eventually left the area to work in the prison service and Ray Bland moved from Bridlington to Beverley on marriage. Ray and his wife Wendy served the Cub Pack for a few years until Ray's tragic death when Joan Evans took over the leadership role. It will be recalled that a Cub flag was purchased and dedicated in Ray's memory. After K.L. resigned from the Group Scout Leader role there were short periods in this position by Mrs Anne Lane and Alan Hesp before Bridget Reason was Appointed and brought some stability to the Group.

By Ken Lascelles (February 2003)