1st Beverley (St. Nicholas) Scouts


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AGM 2003



This years AGM was held on 8th April 2003 and was very successful. In this report are a few of the highlights.

Cub Performance

To start off the meeting, the cubs did an interesting performance of the story of Baden Powell and how the scouting movement started.

Scout Performances

Next, the scouts performed two sketches. The first one is about three men who work on a building site on the top of a high building. They have lunch one day and they have their sandwiches. They commented that they always got the same sandwiches. The next day they get the same, but promise to kill themselves if they get the same sandwiches again. The next day comes, and they find out that they have the same and they all jump.

Shortly after that, a policeman goes to see the first man's wife, she is very upset and cant understand it. The same thing happens with the second man's wife. The policeman now goes to see the third man's wife. He explains, "I think it was something to do with his sandwiches, he was always getting the same." The wife says, "I can't understand it, he always made his own sandwiches."

The second is set in a park. A tramp is laid on a bench settling down for the night. A city gentlemen taking an evening stroll walks in and wants to sit down. There is just enough room at the end for him, though he has to brush the bench with his newspaper first. Next, a courting couple come in and move the gentlemen up, leaving less room for the tramp. Lastly, a man with a dog comes in and they all move up again. The tramp hardly has room on the bench now and starts to itch. The city gentlemen gets very annoyed about this and walks off. The tramp then moves closer to the courting couple and puts his arm around both of them. They soon move off too. The man with the dog soon starts itching too, so does his dog! They move on, but the dog stops in front of the tramp and puts his leg up and squirts the tramp. But finally the tramp has the bench all to himself again.

Bridge Building

At the end of the evening, the scouts built a bridge along the room using pioneering poles and ropes. The scouts and cubs were given the chance to race across it, and so were parents, but only one dared to!

By Jason Gillyon