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July 2005 Weekend Camp Report


The weekend camp ran from Friday the 8th to Sunday the 10th of July. The scouts were divided between three PL's; Dan, Josh and Nick. There were several new campers, who wanted to go on the summer camp later in the year.

Things got off to a flying start on Friday, with equipment being unloaded and tents put up in very little time. Once the camp was set up, it was down onto the field for a game of rugby, which quickly turned into a much more physical game of American Football, thanks to the arrival of a Polish group of Scouts. Much fun was had, even though the team containing the foreign scouts slaughtered the opposing team. Afterwards, farewells were made, and it was back up to camp to place orders for supper, and down to the woods for a game of rilavio. Next, it was a quick supper, before turning in for the night.

In the morning was a traditional camp breakfast of cereal, bacon, eggs and fried bread, followed by clearing away and inspection. The rest of the morning was spent rifle shooting, with groups of boys going off to shoot, and the rest playing games of Frisbee-rugby. Tuck shop was held half way through, and after all three groups had shot, it was time to start up the fires for a lunch of fishcakes and boiled potatoes.

In the afternoon the troop split into groups for award work, except for the PL's and APL's who set to work on an obstacle course for a group of Beavers and Cubs, who were also on-site. Once completed, races were held, including relay-races, straight-races and timed-races. The leaders of all three groups politely declined the prospect of a leader's race.

After the course had been dismantled again, it was time for another construction challenge. Each patrol had to erect a flagpole inside a circle marked on the ground. There was one difference; no-one was allowed inside the circles. All three teams managed the task with the help of some long ropes, but it was Josh's team who took the gold, for things such as straightness, and quickness.

Afterwards, we had a simple tea of sausages and bread buns, with tinned fruit for desserts. The PL's then organised a quiz, whilst the rest of the troop held games of continuous football-cricket down on the field. The quiz proved a success, with tents battling it out for more points. Finally, we had a game of rilavio, then supper and finally, bed.

Another morning brought another breakfast, and more tidying up. Next came an oddity for camp; a game of rilavio in broad daylight! Two unfortunates found themselves penned into the tubes, and stayed there throughout the game. The last meal of camp followed, with a mix of spaghetti, mince and Mrs. Reasons Special Sauce! This was followed by a lot of tidying up, and the clearing up of camp. The tents were packed away, and equipment piled up with such speed that everyone was ready to leave a full hour before parents were due to arrive. The time was passed with games of Frisbee rugby, and packing equipment into the van.

Special thanks to all the leaders and Helpers!

By Dan Stagg